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What’s the benefit of an umbrella company?

By joining an umbrella company you save time and money, while remaining your own boss. We handle the essential admin duties of contractor work, leaving you to focus on doing your best work and growing your business.

Instead of being paid PAYE by a client or agency, you become an employee and get paid through our umbrella company, Gabem Management Limited. Under the ‘umbrella’ structure, you can claim expenses related to your work, which improves your take-home pay, and you also have full statutory employment rights. It’s easy, because we handle your administration, and it’s safe, because it complies with legislation.

Gabem umbrella company options

Gabem offers two contractual options as an umbrella company. Whichever you choose, we’ll take care of your day to day employment administration, including tax and expenses. Both options mean less paperwork, less hassle and more money in your pocket from your reclaimed expenses. Both options comply with the regulations. This is the main difference between them:

  • Gabem Classic Umbrella Company Option when you want to preserve your right to equal pay after 12 weeks in accordance with the Agency Workers Regulations
  • Gabem Derogated when you are willing to give up your rights to equal pay after 12 weeks in return for the right to benefit from 50% pay in between assignments.
  • Gabem Umbrella Light a “no frills” version of Gabem Umbrella for employees on an hourly rate of between £8.05-£8.49 (these rates can be accommodated in the majority of cases)

Why work through Gabem Umbrella?

Benefits of working through Gabem Umbrella

  • You become an employee of Gabem Management Limited and are entitled to full statutory employment rights
  • You retain your independence as a contractor in the UK
  • Comprehensive Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance (if needed) are included
  • You get tax relief on expenses, and we process your expense forms and receipts
  • Access to a Stakeholder Pension and the benefit of NI savings that come from using it
  • We raise your invoices, process your payroll and chase payments you’re owed if necessary
  • We deduct PAYE and your NIC and send them to HMRC so your tax situation is always up to date
  • We send you a free text message when we transfer a payment to your account
  • We send your payment by same-day payments, so it arrives by close of business on the day we send it
  • We produce and send out all your end-of-year documents
  • Gabem aims to be the safest and most compliant umbrella company in the industry
  • Contact our experienced, friendly team by phone, text, email or fax.

No Hidden Costs


  • £22 per week
  • Personal Accident Insurance is advisable, and only costs £2.75 per week
  • You can also take advantage of our 24-hour accident insurance for only an
    additional £1.50

Gabem Umbrella Light

  • For employees on an hourly rate of between £8.05 – £8.49 (these rates can be accommodated in the majority of cases)
  • A reduced weekly margin of £10 with no hidden charges
  • No ability to claim expenses
  • Electronic PAYE payment records and end of year documents
  • All the other benefits of Gabem Umbrella detailed above
  • If your next assignment is at a higher rate, easy upgrade to the full Umbrella contract


Download a Gabem UMBRELLA Application Form here, and send the form to us with proof of your ID.